2019 Online Application Form for


  1. Seafarers UK main grants and

  2. The Merchant Navy Fund


A To be eligible for either Seafarers UK Main Grants Programme or for the Merchant Navy Fund Grants Programme you will need to take our 'eligibility test'. Begin a new application; take the test and if eligible you will automatically access the grant application form.


B Grant Funding Guidelines are available to you as you work through the online application. Just click on the ? symbol which is alongside every question.


Once you have registered you can apply, edit your application and enter new applications - you do not need to register each time you apply to us.

Click on the link below to view all questions in advance.

Further help available: to discuss any aspect of a possible application call the Grants Team on 0207 932 5975 or email grants@seafarers.uk

Click here to see all the questions contained within the online application form in advance.


This may help you in your preparations to complete the form.

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